Our Partners

We love our local community and enjoy working along side other dedicated Seattle business' and organizations striving to create memorable experiences and change in the mountains and on Puget Sound. See below for our featured community partners. If you or your business are interested in becoming a community partner please email info@m2soutfitters.com

Kaf Adventures creates and fosters growth of leaders through outdoor technical skills progression and custom built outdoor experiences that explore the wilderness and other cultures. Kaf, pronounced like cough, is an old mystical Hebrew word meaning ‘the power to actualize potential.’ The Hebrew legend goes that Kaf is a sacred mythological mountain that surrounds the world and bounds the horizon. This mountain rests upon the emerald stone of sakhrat, which emanates miraculous power. Together, their reflection makes the sky blue. For more information check out http://www.kafadventures.com/

Soundkeeper’s mission is to protect and preserve the waters of Puget Sound. To accomplish its mission, Soundkeeper actively monitors Puget Sound through kayak patrols and uses the Soundkeeper patrol boat on a weekly basis enlisting a network of trained volunteers to detect and report pollution. As a major environmental stakeholder, Soundkeeper actively engages government agencies and businesses working to regulate pollution discharges from sewage treatment plants, industrial facilities, construction sites, municipalities and others. Soundkeeper actively enforces the Clean Water Act of 1972, using the power granted to citizens to sue under provisions of the Act, to stop polluters in their tracks and bring egregious polluters into compliance with the law. To learn more about protecting Puget Sound, see http://www.pugetsoundkeeper.org/

Seattle Ski Shuttle operates to Crystal Mountain Mondays through Friday and goes to the Summit at Snoqualmie on weekends. For reservations or additional information visit SeattleSkiShuttle.com