Kayak and Stand-Up Paddleboard Consignment Program

Starting in May, bring your used Kayak or SUP to Mountain to Sound Outfitters (M2S) and we’ll sell it on consignment to the public, using our website to drive people to buy your gear, as well as regular Craigslist updates and showing to folks in our storefront location.

Used Kayaks/SUPs will only be examined and accepted on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. If this doesn’t work for you, give us a call and we can arrange another time based upon our availability.

All Consignment items will be available for customers to Demo (at our Alki Kayak Tours location) for a $50 fee. This fee can be applied to the purchase of the kayak or SUP.

Payment Options - If your item(s) sell you choose either store credit or a check. If you choose the store credit option you will receive 75% of the total sale value for your items that sold. This credit is applied towards full priced retail items only. The credit will be issued immediately after the sale of your gear. The credit never expires and can be used towards purchases at M2S. If you choose the cash back option you receive 50% of the total sale value for your items that sold. A check will be issued and mailed to you within one week of the sale of your item(s), or you can arrange to come by the store to pick it up.

Consignment Program Details – M2S will help you determine the re-sale price of your consignment item(s). Price will be based on current model pricing and evaluation of your item(s) by our staff. Actual consignment sale prices are not determined until a M2S staff member has personally inspected your boat at our store. The Kayak or SUP must be in good condition and pass our checklist below. 

Used Kayak/SUP Inspection Criteria
1) Obvious holes or cracks? Y / N
2) Hatch covers and bulkheads present and pass visual inspection? Y / N
3) Hatches free of debris? Y / N
4) Visual clean? Y / N
5) Seat in good condition? Y / N
6) Rudder and/or skeg works? Y / N
7) Obvious sun damage? Y / N