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Nordica GPX 130 Ski Boots


The GPX 130 was designed by skiers for skiers, as Nordica’s pinnacle in all mountain boots.  Built with our anatomical 98mm mono injected PU last, hand crafted Primaloft® Custom Cork race liner and soft grip soles, the GPX series was engineered to deliver whatever you need whenever you need it.


  • GRIP WALK: Today’s skier demands a ski boot that is more and more comfortable and offers technologies that make walking in their boots easier than ever before. Nordica Gripwalk® aftermarket sole kit offers an easy walking rocker sole interface that is ready to fit into the new marker Gripwalk ® bindings and other similar systems available in the market.
  • CUSTOM CORK LINER: Building on the proven natural performance characteristics of cork, Nordica introduces the Custom Cork Liner to it’s award-winning collection of liners as part of the all new NRGy series of boots
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: The specifically engineered cork and resin compound integrated into the liner wraps the foot in comfort and performance. In addition to being a great natural insulator, due to its superior density, cork provides the greatest transmission of power from boot to ski. Unlike foam and other boot liner materials it doesn’t compress when engaging the edge — making turning in NRGy boots extremely precise and responsive.
  • MOLDABLE: Cork naturally forms to the contours of your feet over time through body heat, making the liners supremely comfortable and seamlessly integrated with the boot’s shell for maximum performance.
  • FASTEST CUSTOM FIT ON THE MARKET: For the dealer, time is money. With Nordica’s Custom Cork Liner, if needed, the boot fitter can in 15 minutes custom fit a Nordica NRGy series boot. Amazingly, the simple three step process is endlessly repeatable.
  • PRIMALOFT INSULATION LINER: Primaloft® is featured exclusively in the 2016-2017 boot lineup. Engineered for function and comfort, Primaloft® is implemented into our boots, because, simply, it enhances the liners ability to resist water, recover from compression, and keep skiers feet warm.
  • BBF - BOOT FITTER: Recognizing the importance of custom boot fitting and making our boots the easiest to work with for custom boot fitters, we've added custom gridworx and screwed parts making customizing a breeze.
  • FULL SHOCK ERASER: Strategically placed foam padding to erase impact on the heel, toe, calves and shin while never effecting boot performance.
  • FULL MOTION PIVOT: Customers seeking high performance boots need products they can tweak and adjust to help them achieve their optimal performance.
  • The full motion pivot moves both laterally and horizontally, up to 2mm’s, ensuring not only correct lower leg angles but also that the knees are driving and tracking in the right direction as a skier moves through the turn.
  • POWER DRIVER 60 MM: Nordica’s patented power driver not only creates the perfect marriage between the upper cuff and upper liner, allowing them to uniformly and effi ciently work as one, it’s pu construction lends itself to being fully customizable.

Technical Details

  • extra-grip soles: HIGH TRACTION DUAL DENSITY PU
  • last (mm): 98
  • flex: 130
  • liner type/style: GPX CORK FIT - PRIMALOFT®