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Bending Branches Arrow Canoe Paddle


The Arrow recreational canoe paddle is at home on rivers or lakes, and it delivers great performance for a reasonable price. The Arrow is hand-crafted of a blend of beautiful hardwoods – basswood, red alder, and maple - in Osceola, Wisconsin. Its seven-laminate blade provides strength and durability, and the blade tip is edged with Bending Branches’ Rockgard® protection.


  • Ovalized for Comfort
  • GRIP
  • Classic Palm Grip

Technical Details

  • BLADE SIZE: 7.5 x 19 in. (19 x 48 cm.)
  • SURFACE AREA: 121 sq. in. (781 sq. cm.)
  • BLADE: Basswood, Red Alder, Maple
  • PROTECTION: Partial Rockgard®
    SHAFT: Straight
    MATERIAL: 18-Laminate Basswood
    WEIGHT: 23 oz. (652.00g) for 54 inch paddle