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Firefly SUP Drive with Hardware


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THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE TO DEMO.  Please call us at (206) 935-7669 to schedule.


Imagine paddling your favorite coastline at a swift, steady pace. Then stepping back on the rail and digging in your paddle for a smooth, powerful turn.   

Firefly forward-mounted drives are fast, quiet and balanced ensuring great board responsiveness on the water.  

Have a board, we'll install the drive for only $ 1,335. Includes glassing a drive fitting into your board and rigging with a 2018 Firefly Drive.


  • Firefly Motor: Based on state-of-the-art drone technology, this small electric motor generates an amazing amount of power to keep you zipping right along.
  • Motor Support Shaft: Our motors are equipped with a patent pending support shaft that slides through your board for quick and easy rigging.
  • Deck Side Connection: Secure the motor with a push pin, place the battery on the Velcro strip and connect the motor. Simple and effective.
  • Adjustable Steering: The steering adapter can be rotated to go straight, or to bias steering to the left or right depending on if you're goofy or regular footed (surf lingo).
  • Wireless Control: The wireless controller features a variable speed control slide bar and an auto-shut off for safety.
  • Control At Your Fingertips: Speed control while paddling? Oh ya! Reach your finger over the handle for "on the fly" control.

Technical Details

  • Speed: 5.0 - 5.7 mph
    A Firefly Drive cruises your standup paddle board at a brisk speed of approximately 5 mph. Paddling will increase speed. We recommend running at full speed. This is close to the hull speed of the board keeping it fun and responsive on the water. * See footnote.
  • Range: 5 / 10 miles
    Firefly batteries lasts 70 minutes at full speed. This gives you a range of 5 miles with single battery and a generous 10 miles with dual batteries. Running at slower speeds with increase your range. ** See footnote.
  • Motor: 300 W
    Our Firefly 22 volt motors are made with ePropulsion technology and rated at 300 watts of continuous power to keep you zipping right along.
  • Battery: 330 / 660 Wh
    Our waterproof lithium-ion batteries are rated at 330 watt-hours (Wh) of power. Add a second battery for a whooping 660 Wh of power for some serious touring. Batteries include LED indicators that continuously monitor your battery’s charge level.
  • Weight: 9.5 / 15 lb
    Using ePropulsion technology, our drives have the best weight to performance ratio (speed and range) in the industry. Our single battery drive system and motor weights 9.5 lb and a system with dual batteries weights in at a mere 15 lb.
  • * Footnote on speed:  Speed is based on testing boards that we sell. Tests are performed in calm water with a 170 lb rider without paddling. Speeds range from 5.0 mph on a 11‘ 6” x 31” surf style board to 5.7 mph on a 14’ x 27” displacement hull touring board.
  • ** Footnote on range:  Range is calculated as battery capacity in watt-hours/motor draw in watts = run time hours at full speed.

Additional Information

  • This item is available for STORE PICKUP ONLY
  • However, if you live within an 85 mile radius of Mountain to Sound Outfitters, it can be delivered for a fee