Swix LF12X Combi Wax


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The SWIX LF12X Combi Wax package contains one 20 gram bar each of SWIX's three most popular temperature specific low fluoro waxes - Red (+4˚ C to -4˚ C / 39˚ F to 25˚ F), Violet (-2˚ C to -8˚C / 28˚ F to 18˚ F), and Blue (-5˚ C to -10˚ C / 23˚ F to 14˚ F). This is a great addition to your travel kit when you aren't sure what snow conditions to expect, but want to be prepared for anything.

Product Details


Red – +4˚ C to -4˚ C / 39˚ F to 25˚ F

Violet – -2˚ C to -8˚C / 28˚ F to 18˚ F

Blue – -5˚ C to -10˚ C / 23˚ F to 14˚ F


Low Fluoro Formula – Addition of fluorocarbon compounds improves performance, especially in wet snow.

For Best Results – Iron on, scrape, and brush.

Recommended Iron Temperature (Red) – 130ºC (266°F)

Recommended Iron Temperature (Violet) – 140ºC (284°F)

Recommended Iron Temperature (Blue) – 145ºC (293°F)

Iron Speed – Approximately 8-10 seconds on a skating or alpine ski.

The wax can be re-heated after cooling to room temperature (for 10 min) for better durability.