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Off-Piste Ski Atlas / Guide :: Backcountry Skiing Olympic National Park


Backcountry skiing at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park has a long history. The 1890s saw climbers begin ascending the summits of Mt. Olympus, with the main summit finally being climbed in 1907. Deer Park became Washington’s premier ski area in the mid 1930s. The Hurricane Ridge road was built in the early 50s and the ski area moved from Deer Park, establishing a new winter recreation center for the Olympic National Park. Ski touring began along the roads of Deer Park and Hurricane Ridge and shifted to the Bailey Range and the higher peaks in the 1990s.

In this guide, the authors Sam Luthy and Matt Schonwald have put in an incredible amount of time and effort to deliver a responsible, accurate, and extremely useful tool to you. From easy access day tours to bucket-list adventures, this book will help increase your understanding of the terrain so that you can plan a successful and smart tour.


  • Waterproof, tear resistant paper.
  • GPS Coordinates. Trailheads, approaches, and landmarks will all have GPS coordinates for you to lock into your device.
  • Avalanche Information. Schonwald, an American Avalanche Association instructor, addresses each zone’s terrain as it relates to avalanche hazards. You’ll see references to slope angles, terrain traps, convexities, and other hazards to keep in mind on each given zone.