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Off-Piste Ski Atlas / Guide :: Backcountry Skiing Snoqualmie Pass Washington, 2nd Edition


Backcountry Skiing Snoqualmie Pass is the guidebook for one of the best zones in Washington. In this book, author Matt Schonwald, founder and owner of BC Adventure Guides not only applied his incredible breadth of knowledge. He also put his heart and soul into making sure accurate and helpful information would get across to you.

Second Edition now available!  Improved, expanded, re-mastered, and absolutely beautiful! Matt covers popular zones in much more detail, then he adds zones to inspire exploration. He re-works every single page and detail to ensure a beautiful and reliable decision making tool.


  • Waterproof, tear resistant paper.
  • GPS Coordinates. Trailheads, approaches, and landmarks will all have GPS coordinates for you to lock into your device.
  • Avalanche Information. Schonwald, an American Avalanche Association instructor, addresses each zone’s terrain as it relates to avalanche hazards. You’ll see references to slope angles, terrain traps, convexities, and other hazards to keep in mind on each given zone.