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Immersion Research Long Sleeve Rival Semi Dry Top


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Way back in 2001, our design department set out to create a brand new class of garment, the “Semi Dry Top”. The idea was simple, include all of the features and construction of a full fledged dry top and exclude the latex neck. Many people find latex necks to be irritating, and for most 3-season paddling in temperate climates they simply aren’t necessary. Instead, we would use a snug fitting neoprene neck band and combine it with latex wrist gaskets, making a jacket that was almost “dry top dry”, but much more comfortable. The result was the classic Comp Jacket, one of the the most popular jackets IR ever made.

The latest version of this much loved garment is the Rival, a Comp Jacket with 15 years of design and manufacturing experience. The most noticeable improvement from the original is the fabric. The Rival is made with a 3 layer waterproof/ breathable laminate that has a wonderfully supple hand and high durability. This is credited to the 166 grams per square meter, polyester shell that looks and feels like a slightly lighter weight cousin of the fabric we use for our 7Figures and Shawtys. The laminate is also the same proprietary composition we use on our entire dry wear line. It’s proven to be remarkably durable and built to last for many, many seasons of hard use.

The Rival is also constructed just like our drywear, using all of the tricks and know-how we have gathered after almost 20 years in the industry. We use the same tape and the same taping standards. We remove all 4 way seams from the pattern. We tape in the inner tunnel to reduce unnecessary seams and we run tape past every cross seam to ensure dryness. These things not only make the garment dry, but also ensure that it will remain dry and intact for years to come.

Along with the new polyester shell fabric, we’ve completely redesigned the pattern for 2016. The new shape is a more ergonomic fit without compromising range of motion. The result is a garment that moves with you without binding, at the same time it reduces hard-to-heat air pockets found in looser, bulkier garments.


  • Latex wrist gaskets and a soft, stretchy neoprene neckband
  • New quick drying polyester shell on top of our superb 3 layer waterproof breathable laminate
  • Built and taped just like our dry tops
  • Fabric inner tunnel
  • New pattern with Articulated Fit
  • Neoprene and Velcro outer waistband
  • Close to dry top dryness without latex neck discomfort