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NEW THIS YEAR for Daily and Season Rentals

A. Appointments are required.  CLICK HERE

** Season Rentals Appointments start in October of 2024 **

Mountain to Sound Outfitters offers Seasonal Ski Rentals and Snowboard Rentals for you to try before you buy.    Some people know this as Season Ski Lease or Season Snowboard Lease and its all the same thing, pick it up now, and bring it back in April.... or if you enjoy the gear you rent from us for the season, you can buy it outright in the spring.  

Season rentals are typically available starting the first weekend in October and are due back by April 16th. Returns can be extended until May for an additional fee. If season rentals are returned late, you will accrue late fees. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Daily rentals may be picked up the day before you head up to the mountain at no additional charge. Holds will not be allowed. Rentals must be returned before noon.  Equipment that is not returned before noon is subject to a late fee assessed at the daily rate that you were charged.  Sorry, but we cannot refund rental fees.

  • Limited Sizing Available During Peak Days (Thursday-Saturday)

*There are no multi-day discounts during the Christmas & New Year holiday period.

Pre-Sale Discounted Season Rentals for Winter

Daily and Season Rental Pricing

Season Ski / Snowboard Rentals  Oct.Nov. Dec.
Junior Package (10 years & under)   $230 $265  $295
Junior Ski/Snowboard Only   $170 $205  $235 
Junior Boot Only   $170 $205  $235
Student Package (11-17 years)   $270 $305  $335
Student Ski/Snowboard Only  $190 $225  $255
Student Boot Only   $190 $225  $255
Adult Package (18 years & over)  $330 $365  $395
Adult Ski/Snowboard Only  $210 $245  $275
Adult Boot Only  $210 $245  $275
*NEW* Adult Performance Ski/Snowboard & Binding  N/A $465  $495

Daily & Weekend Ski / Snowboard Rentals 1 Day 7+ Days
Junior Package (10 years & under)   $50/day  20% Discount
Junior Ski/Snowboard Only   $38/day  20% Discount
Junior Boot Only   $38/day  20% Discount
Student Package (11-17 years)   $55/day  20% Discount
Student Ski/Snowboard Only   $42/day  20% Discount
Student Boot Only   $42/day  20% Discount
Adult Package (18 years & over)   $65/day  20% Discount
Adult Ski/Snowboard Only   $50/day  20% Discount
Adult Boot Only   $50/day  20% Discount

Demos   1 Day 
Demo Skis / Snowboard      $85/day 

Other Rentals 1 Day 
Helmet $25/day  
Poles Only $25/day  
~DISCLAIMER: Renter assumes all financial responsibility
for any broken/damaged, lost, or stolen equipment at FULL retail price~

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Season Snowboard Rentals
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